Knox County Towns






Inland, #105/#131

St.George River, Newbert, Mill & Upper Senebec Ponds

28 Jan 1829

Appleton's Genealogy Page

Gay Davis

Ash Point

Coast, off #73 south of Rockland


Unincorp. See Owl's Head

Owl's Head Genealogy Page


Inland, on Route #105 between So. Liberty & Route #131

. .

See Washington


Coast, Int.of #1, #105, & #52

CurtisIsland Light, Megunticook Lake & Mt., Hosmer's Pond, Mount Battie, Bald Mt.

17 Feb 1791. Div. into Rockport & Camden
25 Aug 1891

Camden's Genealogy Page

Sue Watts


On Ragged Island, Ferry fr Rockland Inter. #1 & #17

Ferry, Matinicus Light, One of a group of islands including Matinicus Island Plantation.

. Vinalhaven Genealogy Page


W. side of mouth of St. George's River, off #97 south of Thomaston

Pleasant Point Harbor, Maple Juice, Broad & Hyler Coves, McCarthy, Bradford, Pleasant, Bailey & Montgomery Points, Crotch & Gay Islands

30 Jan 1789
In 1803 part became St. George which included the Spruce Head area

Cushing's Genealogy Page

Chester Knowles

East Thomaston



28 July 1848
name changed to Rockland
17 July 1850

Rockland's Genealogy Page

Marlene Groves

(Meduncook Plantation)

Coast, end of #97 south of

Lies bet Muscongus Bay & Friendship River, Franklin Island Light, Cranberry, Long, Otter & Moss Islands

25 Feb 1807

Friendship's Genealogy Page


Glen Cove
(Clam Cove)

Coast, #1 North of Rockland

. . Rockport's Genealogy Page

(Hope Corners)

Inland, Intersect. of #105 & #235

Hatchet & Madays Mts., Hobbs, Mansfield, Cotton, Fish & Lily Ponds, Alford Lake

Includes So. Hope, 23 Jun 1804

Hope's Genealogy Page

Adopt me!

Hurricane Island

Now part of the town of Vinalhaven

There is one owner now who leases part of it to Outward Bound.

1878 until the 1930's (no population after 1915)

Vinalhaven Genealogy Page

Isle au Haut

On Isle au Haut, Ferry fr Stonington, #15 due So. of Bangor (in Hancock County)

Part of this island is a detached part of Acadia National Park.

28 Feb 1874

Isle au Haut Genealogy Page

Ingrid Luke

Long Cove

Coast.#131 no. of Port Clyde

. . St. George's Genealogy Page


Coast, #131 north of Port Clyde

. . St. George Genealogy Page


On Matinicus Island,Ferry fr Rockland,Inter. #1 & #17

Largest of a group of islands formerly called Matinicus Isle Plantation, Matinicus Light

Organized as a plantation
22 Oct 1840

Vinalhaven Genealogy Page


On Monhegan Island,Ferry fr Port Clyde, So. end#131

Largest of a group of islands formerly called Monhegan Plantation, Monhegan Light


Monhegan's Genealogy Page

North Haven

On North Haven Island, Ferry fr Rockland

No. So. & Bartlett's Harbors, Wooster Cove, Webster&Mullins Heads, Crabtree Pt., Burnt, Calderwood & Babbidge Islands, is separated from Vinalhaven by a channel 'The Thoroughfare'

as Fox Isle;
30 Jun 1846
Name change
13 Jul 1847

Vinalhaven Genealogy Page


Coast, so. of Rockland. South Shore Drive off highway #73

Owl's Head Light Knox County Airport

Sep. from Rockland
9 July 1921

Owl's Head Genealogy Page




. .

See Warren

Pleasant Point

Coast,from #97 so.of Thomaston

. . Cushing's Genealogy Page

Chester Knowles

Port Clyde

Coast, So. end#131


Marshall Pt. Light

St. George's Genealogy Page

Pulpit Harbor

No. Haven Island,Ferry fr Rockland

. . Vinalhaven Genealogy Page


Coast at the
Intersection of
#1, #17, & #73

Breakwater Light, Dodge Mt., Benner Hill, Meadow Brook,
E. Branch Oyster River, Upper Oyster River, The Bog, Ferry,

E.Thomaston 28 July 1848
name change
17 July 1850

Rockland's Genealogy Page

Marlene Groves

(Goose River)

Highway #1, Coast Cut-Off

Indian Island Light, Ragged Mt, Spruce Mt, Mirror Lake, Grassy Pond, Old Lime Kilns

Inc. as part of Camden
17 Feb 1791
25 Aug 1891

Rockport's Genealogy Page


6 mi. inland fr. Rockland on #17



Rockport's Genealogy Page

Saint George

St. George River,Inter.#73 & #131

Two Bush, Whitehead Island, & Marshall Point Lights; Long Cove; Wheeler Bay; Seal Harbor

7 Feb 1803
set off from Cushing

St. George's Genealogy Page

So. Thomaston

Coast, #73, so. of Rockland

Weskeag River, Sharkeyville Creek, Hospital & Hayden Points

Set off from Thomaston and incorp. July 28, 1848. In 1860 a large portion of Spruce Head was set off to So. Thomaston including Spruce Head Island.

South Thomaston's Genealogy Page



Coast, #73 south of Rockland

Foggs Hill, Patten Pt.

In 1803 part of Cushing became St. George which included the Spruce Head area. In 1860 a large portion of Spruce Head was set off to So. Thomaston including Spruce Head Island.

St. George's Genealogy Page

Stickney Corners

Inland, Inter.#220& #17

. .

See Washington

Tenants Harbor

Coast, On Route#131

Two Bush Island Light, Tenants Harbor Light

. St. George's Genealogy Page


St. George River,#1 SW of #131

Branch, West & Meadow Brooks

20 Mar 1777

Thomaston's Genealogy Page

Eve Anderson


St. George River,Inter. #17 & #235

Crawford Pond, Mill Stream

20 Oct 1786

Union's Genealogy Page

Sharon Caron


On Vinalhaven Island,Rockland Ferry

Heron Neck Light, Brown's Head Light, Goose Rocks Light, & Saddleback Ledge Light, Ferry,

25 Jun 1789

Vinalhaven Genealogy Page


St. George River,Inter. #90 & #1

Meadow Mt., Quiggle, & West Brooks, mid Oyster River

7 Nov 1776

Warren's Genealogy Page



Inland at the
Intersection of
#105 & #220

Washington Pond, Oyster River

As Putnam, 27 Feb 1811
changed to
31 Jan 1823

Washington's Genealogy Page

David Sylvester

West Rockport

Inland at the
of #90 & #17



Rockport's Genealogy Page

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